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Kyu looking like it’s too early for this *

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the dansheen masheen

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cr: 草菇小相比 

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Kyuhyun “Musicals are like another opportunity for me… I want to do well in various different areas”



It is a summer day that craves the coolness of the rain. This is a musical that was produced for those who can’t [t/n: get real rain], to directly experience the pouring rain. The musical, “Singin’ in the Rain”, adapted from the classic film of the same name, uses fresh and cooling scenes to capture the attention of the audience. And here with us is a man who happily frolics in the rain, Kyuhyun.

“Perhaps it was because we had started preparing since 3 months ago that I feel so much devotion for this production. As I watched Jay hyung on the first show, flowing with the music, and performing together with the supporting cast, I teared up. It felt like all the hardship that we had gone through (for this) in all this time could finally be showcased on stage. And yet it was also regretful as it was like the end was coming. ”

“Singin’ in the Rain” is famous for the last scene of the first act, where Don Lockwood sings “Singin’ in the Rain” in the rain. Especially since this song, from decades ago till today, has been reinterpreted in many different genres, and is loved by people around the world. So this scene is considered the highlight of the whole musical. About 15,000 litres of water, kept in 4 storage tanks are filtered and kept warm, are sprayed down onto the stage, and the stage floor is of course specially waterproofed.

“Because we’re dancing on a public stage that has been waterproofed, it’s like dancing on ice. Truthfully, I haven’t been able to get used to it even now, it feels like dancing on a block of ice. The rain is so heavy that it hinders your vision, and actually, it’s not that happy because it’s so painful (laughs). I honestly really look forward to this scene, so it’s a little regretful that I have to take extra care in order not to fall down.”


The thing that the staff and actors of “Singin’ in the Rain” are most worried about, is not being able to properly present the “rain” which they have prepared on stage. But this worry is unfounded. To the actors, being able to perform in the rain is like a dream, and have hence forked out that true hearts. On performing passionately in the rain, Kyuhyun expressed “Jay hyung keeps reminding me not to raise my head.” as “Even though the mics have been waterproofed, they still get spoiled in the rain.”

“Have you come to watch the performance? Don’t you find the curtain call amusing? (laughs) Even though we only talk about this amongst the actors, but the curtain call is really very exciting, everyone feels very happy. Even though we can’t fall down on stage (during the performance), but it doesn’t matter during the curtain call so everyone just jumps and plays around. When our celebrity friends come to watch the performance, some of them will leave before the curtain call. Then we will become more serious. Like for Ryeowook, I told him, “The curtain call is the most interesting part, how could you leave before that? Come again.” And he really did (laughs).”

In the production, it is narrated that a top star, Don Lockwood, falls in love with a nameless actor, Kathy Seldon, at first sight. In many aspects, Lockwood has similarities to the Kyuhyun, who is massively popular around the world as a member of Super Junior. As I ask Kyuhyun, “Have you experienced a destiny-like love, in the musical?”, he laughs heartily.

“The love of my dreams is exactly like in “Singin’ in the Rain” (laughs). Even though I’ve said it many times on various programmes, I like the kinds of situations like when I’m at the traffic light, and I fall in love with a girl walking in my direction at first sight. Have I had such an experience? Even though I have fallen in love at first sight, it ended just at that (laughs). But the difference from the musical is that I’d like a girl who likes me back, and I hope that we’ll become lovers who have a connection.” [t/n: like soulmates]


This time in “Singin’ in the Rain” actors who are like Kyuhyun’s family, have also received a lot of attention. With it being an idol musical, colleagues from the same company, SM Entertainment, have also began acting in this production. However, in this performance, besides Sunny, most of the other actors are new faces. There is also Jay, who has been staying close to Kyuhyun be it during practice or performances. “Seeing each other every day, our friendship has also become deeper.” Kyuhyun laughs as he says.

“With Ryeowook who is also acting in musicals like me, we have watched each other’s performances well. We’re not the type to say harsh words. Of course, it’s also good that we people around us who are critical of us. But to us, there are many people who we want to thank. Ryeowook and I are like family, we find many merits in each other.”


Kyuhyun has already let many people know about his transformation from an idol into a musical actor through the productions that he has participated in. As I carefully ask, “How is the feeling different now, having the title of a musical actor from when you first started?” he smiled brightly and answered, “Of course, it’s great to be called a musical (actor) on a musical stage. Even though became I am a musical actor from an idol, I’ve always wanted to break free of the “idol” label. I want to hear words like, “Even though he’s an idol, he still does well in musicals.”” Explaining his aspirations.

“If I had started out as a musical actor, I feel like I wouldn’t have gotten the good roles so quickly like this. Even though it is saddening, I was probably casted with the expected ticketing power an idol would bring. I think that people musical fans would of course, probably dislike me. But I thought, perhaps by fate, they’d see a performance where I’m acting in place of an actor that they like, and when they occasionally see me acting they’d think, “Oh? It’s better than I thought?” I hope that there’ll be changes like that.”

Kyuhyun admits that, “I am the type who takes note of the audiences’ reactions.” After reading many accounts on the internet, I came to think “Time is money. I hope they didn’t feel like it was a waste of time come and watch my performance.” He went on to say, “Thinking about the first performance, I didn’t think that there’d be many changes.”, “The reason why the fans watch all the way from my first performance to the last is because the first performance is more fixed, but the subsequent ones are the result of adjustments made according to the performances’ responses.” Expressing his beliefs about the musical.


When I first started in musical, I too felt like I was finally given a chance to show a little something. Kyuhyun, had also made a promise as a musical actor, to present his best side to the audience. “Honestly, I personally want to be a person who excels in many different areas. Even though other people might not like it (laughs). I want to sing, I want to act in musicals, and I also want to go about the team (Super Junior) activities. Am I too ambitious? But I am like that. (laughs)”

Translated by @kikiikyu
Original article: http://stoo.asiae.co.kr/news/stview.htm?idxno=2014073014233720360
Full credits please^^

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Kyuhyun and Donghae causing mass murder by wearing their glasses and ruffling their hair, as well as featuring cutie-pie Wook stealing the show. 

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제발 내 곁에 있어줘.

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Kyuhyun→ Favorite fancams 6/?

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We’ve already seen you, Kyuhyun.

We’ve already seen you, Kyuhyun.

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26 things I love about Cho Kyuhyun | #26 his shameless video game obsession 

KI: So Kyuhyun, I hear you have a new hobby…
KH: *giggles* Yeah, I’ve been studying a foreign language in our dorm. 
KI: No! I mean your obsession with computer games! When I come home really late, everyone else is sleeping, but I hear “YESSIR, YESSIR!” *gun noises* and I go to Kyuhyun and I’m like, “Oh, you weren’t sleeping?” and he’ll be like, “Oh, hyung, you’re here?” but he wouldn’t even look at me!!
KH: I was in the middle of a really important game!!!! And Kangin came in and was like, “What are you doing not even looking at me!?”
KI: This is what Donghae said: “Kangin hyung, Kyuhyun is mad!!” and I asked “Why?” and he says, "He’s crazy over a game!" and I ask “Why?” again. Donghae asks, “Do you know why I woke up in the middle of the night?” “Why?” "Because Kyuhyun said ‘AISH!!’ really loudly!! and I said ‘What’s wrong??’ and he was like, "I LOST!!’"
— 061024 Chunji Radio 

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